The Cobb Senior Services staff

We are proud to list the names below. Each has given of their time and talent in the effort of bringing computers into the lives of senior citizens. They have contributed in many ways. Contributions have come in the form of:

At the end of each school year, volunteers earn a service point if they have given of their time and talent to the program in some significant way. Many spend a lot of time through the classes held throughout the school year. Some add their special talents by creating new courses, still others ensure there will be a schedule of classes to offer each term, and that those classes are properly staffed.


Volunteers are given Gold Stars with blue and gold numbers to indicate service years one to four. A Gold star with the number five on a red field is awarded at the end of five service years, and the word Senior is added to the title of their service shown on their name tags (e.g. Instructor becomes Senior Instructor). The tenth year is recognized with pin showing the number 10 on green in the center of a Gold star. We also include a photo of all ten year volunteers within the Hall Of Fame on this page.

Say Hi! when you meet any of these folks along the way, and if the mood strikes you, add a word of thanks too.


Service Hall of Fame


Computers for Seniors

10+ Years

Computers for Seniors


Bill Lappe
18 years
Chuck Gross
17 years
Rob Beard
16 years
Pettus Gewin
17 years
Dick Houston
17 years
John Breletic
18 years
Jim Hopkins
16 years
Dale Williamson
Pat Crider
15 years
Michael Conti
13 years
Gerald Ferlaak
12 years

Walsh, Joan 14 years
Lunaburg, Barbara 14 years
Vance, Ed 14 years
Cronwell, Jack 12 years
Folds, Brenda 12 years
Edwards, Dick 11 years
Newsome, Wendell 12 years
Sarkin, Sally 11 years
Burnett, Robert 10 years
Bierwald, Hank 11 years


5+ Years

Hadaway, Carolyn 8 years
Bartlett, Wayne 8 years
Burnett, Robert 8 years
Berwald, Hank 8 years
Lubbers, Carole 7 years
Mihelich, Donna 7 years
Weers, George 7 years
Maulden, James 7 years
McClain, Bill 7 years
Smith, Glen 6 years
Hill, Theo 6 years
Spenser, Linda 5 years
Downs, Dion 5 years
Bramburt, Larry 6 years
Klebauskas, Michelle 5 years
Smith, Floyd 5 years
Sparks, Skip 5 years
Lewis, Pauline 5 years
Mao, Sabrina 5 years


4 Year

Buege, Paul
Dunford, Gary
Robinson, Ted
Sharpe, Catria
Gordon, Spencer
Blackshaw, Donna
Clyde, Bill


3 Year

Welch, Lissel
Dutoit, Cynthia
Elam, Elaine
Morgan, Elizabeth


2 Year



1 Year

Kohn, John
Silverman, Herbert