Memory Book

Honor Roll: In memory of those who served

We honor those who faithfully served Cobb County Seniors by participating in our Computers 4 Seniors program, and who have passed on to their final reward. Our program depends entirely on volunteers for staffing our classrooms as Instructors and Coaches, creating our course materials, and in maintaining the operating efficiency of our computers. While those listed here, sadly, have passed on, they are not forgotten.


Willie Andersen
Served 1994 - 1997
Willie began participating when the program was first established at Windy Hill. He served as a coach for three years prior to his passing.
Chuck Dedera
Served 2005 - 2013
Chuck served as a coach for 8 years in the Computers4Seniors program. Chuck started in January of 2005. He started coaching at West Cobb Senior Center. He then moved and spent his time at the North Cobb Senior Center. He coached PC Introduction, Files and Folders, and the Internet. Chuck spent quality time with our students ensuring they could perform the skills practiced in class. Chuck will be missed by both our staff and our students.

Bill Ellis
Served 1993 - 2011
Bill has volunteered in the Computers for Seniors program for 18 years. He is one of the original members to set up and teach our classes. Bill has coached most of our classes and taught some mainly at the North Cobb Senior Center. He usually teaches the Lab at North Cobb. We will miss him.

Ted Groskiewicz
Served 1997 - 2008
Ted was in his seventies when he joined our Cobb County Computers For Seniors program. From that time forward he became the heart of our program at the Windy Hill Senior center. His contributions included teaching, plus updating and expanding the Advanced Windows course, of which he was again involved with as recently as this year. He had three courses he preferred to teach and his students enjoyed taking: Advanced Windows, Digital Cameras and Scanners, and Print Shop. He also staffed the open lab at Windy Hill where students could come and get one on one attention to their learning needs. His patience was most appreciated and welcomed by those struggling to learn.

Wade Harper
Served 1998 - 2008
Wade began his volunteer service as a coach with C4S at East Cobb in 1998. During his ten years of service he helped hundreds of seniors learn to use the computer, and we could always count on him in an emergency to fill in when needed.

Charlie Marsh
Served 2002 - 2009
Charlie began volunteering with C4S at Windy Hill in 2002, but served wherever needed. He coached and instructed many classes. He enjoyed the Jasc Photo Album and PC Introduction courses the most. His students had nothing but high praise for him. His reward was when they learned. He also worked hard to reach out into the community in an effort to bring seniors into our program. His positive attitude toward everything will be long remembered.

Ray Reynolds
Served 1998 - 2003
Ray began his service as an Instructor at Freeman Poole in 1998. He was a corner stone for our PC Introduction course offerings there for the five years prior to his passing.
Bob Sanders
Served 2001 - 2007
Bob began his service with C4S as a coach at Windy Hill in 2001. During that time he contracted cancer, but kept volunteering. He was well liked by his students, and always carried a bright smile with him. Bob will be missed by the Wood Carvers too.

Don Schumacher
Served 1994 - 2011
Don served as a coach for 7 years in the Computers4Seniors program. Don started in June of 1994. He coached six different courses at four different centers He was asked to be a coach by several of the instructors, because he had the skills and demeanor to assist our students. Don will be missed by both our staff and our students.

Joy Spadoni
Served 1997 - 2005
Joy began her service in 1997 as a coach at the East Cobb Senior Center. During her eight years of continuous service, she moved from coach to Instructor, and from there to Course Author. During all that time Joy quietly and steadfastly enhanced the lives of many Seniors.

Jim Tomlinson
Served 2006 - 2013
Jim served as a coach for 7 years in the Computers4Seniors program. Jim started in June of 2006. He coached three courses at the West Cobb Senior Center. He also was an instructor in the Cameras and Scanner course. He was an active member of the West Cobb Camera Club. Jim used his camera skills with the computer skills to assist our students. Jim will be missed by both our staff and our students.

Bob Swenson
Served 2006 - 2013
Bob served as a coach for 10 years in the Computers4Seniors program. Bob started in September of 2003. He coached the PC Intro course and the MS Works course at the West Cobb and Freeman Poole Senior Centers. Jim was praised by the students for his help in ensuring the students were comfortable with their skills learned.

Robert Adams
Served 2007 - 2015
Bob served as a coach for 8 years in the Computers4Seniors program. Bob started in January of 2007. He attended most of the curriculum to learn as much as he could so he could help the students above and beyond the course that the student attended. He worked mainly in the Freeman Poole Senior Center and coached mostly the PC Intro, Internet, Files and Folders, Picasa and others when he was needed. At times, Bob was coaching 3 different courses in the same week. The students and staff wanted Bob as their coach. He was dedicated in ensuring a top-quality program that students would continue to use. On short notice, if there as a need for a coach anywhere in one of the centers, Bob would gladly volunteer to help out.

Bob Lunaburg
Served 1995 - 2015
Bob was one of the original leaders of the Computers for Senior program for Cobb County. Bob met and described the concept of the program to Cobb County. He started with one Senior Center site and built the program for 5 Senior Centers. It started out with borrowed equipment for the classroom and eventually received the funding from Cobb County to build the five Senior Centers, based on the terrific response from the students. Bob served every role including: conducting an audience analysis, defining a curriculum based on student input, getting volunteers to teach the programs, training the instructors, building the courses based on the curriculum needs, building the enrollment system, and teaching all of the courses. In addition Bob served as an ongoing interface to Cobb County on determining updated student and program needs, getting volunteer staff to execute specific support tasks, and status of all the programs. Bob is surely being missed not only by the staff, but students and Cobb county personnel.