Useful Links

for better homes and auto's

Helpful sites with information on home and auto repair. Appliance replacement parts, plumbing parts, or locate a handyman. Home decoration ideas and gardening ideas. Find the right price for your new car, and the true value of your old car.


Appliance Blog (Get help with appliance repair)
Manuals Online (PDF's for thousands of instruction manuals)
Parts Store (Find millions of replacements parts for household appliances here)
Safe Manuals (Lost that manual? Find a PDF replacement here)
Universal Remote Control Codes (Lists the device codes for common remote controls)
User Manual Guide (Lost the instructions? Find them here)
User Manual Site (Another site with over 300,000 manuals)



AutoTempest (Search the Internet for the best auto price)
CarCareKiosk (Videos of common car maintenance)
DriverSide (Advice on repairs, mechanics, reviews and trade-in)
Edmunds (Find new and used car prices)
Frugal Mechanic (Find the best price on auto parts)
Fuel Economy (Find the best gas prices or the car that gets the best MPG)
Gas Prices (Find the lowest gas prices in your area)
Kelley Blue Book (New & used car prices and financing calculator)
NADA (The NADA Yellow Book on line)
Old Car Manual Project (Find manuals for classic cars)
Repair Pal (Get expert advice when repairing your car)
TrueCar (Find out what others paid for a car)


Consumer Information

Annual Credit Report (This is the site to obtain your free credit report)
BillShrink (Find the bet cell phone service for you)
Clark Howard (Consumer advice from WSB's consumer guru)
DMV (Access the Department of Motor Vehicles in every state)
HearUsNow (The place to get help with a telco or an ISP problem)
Local Harvest (Find local sources for the crops grown in any area or find organic farms)
ManualsLib (Download user manuals in PDF format)
My Rate Plan (Find the best cellular rate plan for you)
My Things (Place a value on things you own)
NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators - find inheritance.)
Opt Out (Tired of those pre-approved credit card offers?)
Rip Off's (Don't let them get away with it)
Saving for College (Have a grandchild? Everything about setting up a college fund.)
State Tax Holidays (Find what will be state tax free and when)



Arbor Day Foundation (Buy trees online, learn about trees or get involved)
Folia (Organize, track, share your gardening experience)
Gardening (The BBC guide to garden design with software)
GardenPuzzle (Create your design in less than five minutes)
Helpful Gardner (The source for gardening tips)
MyPlantID (Help identifying plants)
Trees (The field guide from eNature)
Trees & Plants (Order trees, shrubs & plants while helping the disabled)
Water Gardens (Lots of examples and instructions to build)
What's that Bug (Identify unknown insects)
YardCare (All that your yard can be)



Antenna Web (Determine the proper antenna and orientation HDTV, satellite, etc.)
Best Places (Find the best places to live according to your criteria)
Better Homes & Gardens (The on-line edition. Full of patterns, house ideas, etc.)
Easy2DIY (Do it yourself home improvement projects and products)
Energy Saver (A do-it-yourself home energy audit tool)
Evisioneer (Building design and project view)
ExpertVillage (How-to videos on home improvements and more)
Faux like a pro (All about faux finishes)
Floorplanner (Create and share floor plans for free)
Foreclosed Home (How to buy one, sources of listings)
Friendly Plumber (A do-it-yourself guide to plumbing)
Hometime (The home how-to site)
House Plans (Find 100's of house plans here)
How to Clean Stuff (How to clean almost anything)
How to Get Rid of Things (Pests, odor, fat, stains or computer problems)
Interior Design (Ideas for the inside)
Know Your Stuff (Create an inventory of your house for insurance purposes)
Old House (A web site devoted to finding remodeling supplies for old homes>
Paint Calculator (Determines the amount of paint needed for any interior surface)
Personal Color Viewer (Upload digital photos and view different wall paints)
Plumbing Supply Online (Huge selection of plumbing parts and fixtures)
Real Estate ABC (Everything you need to know about buying or selling a house)
Roost (Find new, resale and forclosed homes by zip code)



Digital Photography (Tips and advice on digital photography)
Expert Videos (Expert videos on cars, gardening, home repairs)
Felon Spy (Search any neighborhood for convicted felons)
GarageSales (Locate or advertise garage sales)
House Plans (Find 100's of house plans here)
Howcast (A unique site specializing in "how to" videos)
How Thing are Made (An introductory manufacturing site - how everyday things are made.)
ISBN Lookup (Lookup any title by ISBN. Great for cataloging a home library)
Jamestown Distributors (Woodworking/marine supplies and tools)
NOKR (The Next of Kin Registry)
PetMeds (The on-line drug store for your pet)
Tips (Tips on a wide variety of subjects)
Zilok (Rent almost anything here)