This section contains links of particular interest to seniors. The Internet is a vast repository of history. Listen to old radio shows, download sheet music, complete books. Create a blog for family and friends to keep them informed about an ill relative, or contact Social Security. The Internet is good for your health. If you don't think so see this.

Financial and Legal Information for Seniors

These sites provide financial and legal information specifically for seniors. There is more financial information in our Money and Investing section.
Benefits Checkup (Do you have the right health benefits?)
Fairtax (Eliminate the IRS - move to a consumption tax - H.R. 25)
Georgia Directive (Changes to Living Will and Power of Attorney mandated by Ga law)
Handicapped Parking Fraud (The place to report illegal use of handicapped parking)
National Senior Citizens Law Assoc (Legal information for seniors)
RetirementRevisited (All about benefits, Medicare, planning, saving, investing)
RetireNet (Directory of retirement communities)
SSA Benefits Calculator (Estimate the size of your Social Security benefits)


Health and Fitness Information for Seniors

These sites provide health and fitness information designed for seniors. Be sure to check our Medical section for additional medical information links.
About Seniorliving (Great site with exercises and physical therapy for specific conditions)
Best Buy Drugs (Consumer's Guide to saving money on prescription drugs)
Brain Food (Use it or loose it! Keep your brain young with these games)
Caringbridge (Share information about someone who is seriously ill)
Death with Dignity
DyingIs (A blog devoted to death. Tell the world what you are feeling)
Exercise Your Brain (Interactive math exercises to keep your brain fit)
Fit Brains (Brain games to keep yours fit)
Games for the Brain (Use it or lose it)
Georgia Division of Aging Services
Hearing Test (Use your computer to test your hearing)
Hospital Compare (Compare hospitals for specific procedures)
Life after 50 (A guide to the good life)
Independent Living Aids (Computer accessories for seniors)
Medicare (The Federal Government's Medicare site)
Medicare Rights Center (An independent source of Medicare information)
National Institute on Aging (Part of the NIH)
PPARx (Partnership for Prescription Assistance; if your income is low the drug companies can help)
Senior Health (Health Issues for seniors from the NIH)
Sharp Brains (Improve brain health with this blog)
Strength Training for Older Adults (From the CDC)



Re-live the good-old-days. Check our Fun Sites for more nostalgia links.
Ad*Access (Journey into the advertising archive at Duke University)
Black & White (A journey to the days of B&W TV)
Jimmy Stuart Museum (A real brick and mortar museum in Pennsylvania)
Kids in the 50's (Watch it and be sure to crank up the sound)
Look at Me (Submit a photo to locate long lost friends or relatives)
Old Farmer's Almanac (The online edition)
Old 45's (Listen to the music we grew up with and much more)
Old Time Radio (Shows from the 30's, 40's, 50's)
RadioNostalgia (Classic radio shows going back to 1928)
Retroland (Relive the fads of your youth)
Shorpy (The 100 year old photo blog)
SilentEra (All about silent era films)
Tupperware (Advertisements and catalogs going back to 1956)
Vintage Catalogs (Browse seasonal catalogs going back to the 1940's)
Vintage Toy Encyclopedia (Re-visit your childhood toys)
What happened in my birth year (See what happened the year you were born)



These sites don't quite fit in another category.
AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
AMAC (A conservative seniors political association)
Carepoint (A site devoted to Seniors in retirement and assisted living communities)
Discounts for Seniors (Senior discounts for restaurants and travel)
ELDY (If you're having difficulty with vision, try this software from Europe)
Emory Center for Lifelong Learning (Take a course at Emory)
Longevity Predictor (See how lifestyle influences life expectancy)
MIT Age Lab (Lots of information on making the most of your senior years)
National Institute on Aging (The federal portal on aging research)
National WWII Memorial (Search a database of other WWII veterans)
Neptune Society (Plan and arrange a cremation in advance. Call 404.351.3526 for more info)
Pearl Harbor Stories (The Pearl Harbor Survivors Project)
Senior Discounts (Special discounts available only to folks over 50)
SeniorNet (A site devoted to senior interests)
Social Security Reform (Find the truth about Social Security here)
The Third Age (An Internet site just for seniors)
University of Chicago Center on Aging (Unraveling the Secrets of Human Longevity)