Cooking and Recipes

The Internet is a great place for cooks and chiefs. There are many sites devoted to cooking and recipe collections. Everything from elegant dishes to home versions of fast food and pet treats. These sites cover recipes, utinsels, specialty foods, party planning and pet treats.

Recipe Collections

Great collections of recipes.
All Recipes (1,000's of recipes)
Antiquated Recipes (The best recipes of the 1920's - 1980's) (Famous chefs recipes)
Cooking Recipes (Another site with 1000's of recipes)
Cook's Thesaurus (A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients & subs)
Copy Cat (You've tried it in a restaurant, now make it at home)
Epicurious (The world's greatest recipe collection)
Feeding America (Complete American cookbooks going back to the 18th century)
Food411 (A full food search engine for recipes, ingredients and utensils)
Food Network (Recipes for the holidays, healthy eating or the season)
Foodista (Search and contribute to recipes, food, tools and techniques)
GoldnPlump (Chicken recipes)
Holiday Cook (Find the perfect recipe for every holiday)
JustBARE (Natural chicken recipes)
KeepRecipes (Build your own on line recipe book)
Meals Matter (Thousands of ideas for healthy meals)
MyHomeRecipe (1000's of home recipes)
Top Secret Recipes (Creating kitchen clones of favorite brand name recipes)


International Recipe Collections

Recipes from around the world.
Australian Recipes (Elegant tucker from Amanda & Debbie)
Best Fondue (Only fondue recipes)
Chinese (Classic Chinese recipes)
Italian Cooking (Annia Maria Volpi's open kitchen)
Japanese Cooking (Recipes, techniques, types from
Jewish Cooking in America (From the PBS series with Joan Nathan)
Lidia's Italy (Italian cooking with Lidia Matticchio Bastianich)
Old Australian Cooking (Lots of old Aussie recipes)
Sicily (Recipes from the Eolian Islands)
Thai (Home style Thai recipes)
Viet World Kitchen (Serving information on Vietnamese food and cooking)


Specialty Food and Condiments

Order ethnic food and condiments and utensils online from these merchants.
Bon Teavant (All about Chinese tea)
El Colmadito (Puerto Rican and Cuban ingredients)
Fannie May (The world's best chocolate - from the Chicago candy store)
Flora (Authentic Italian ingredients and condiments - should be on-line by 2009)
Kosher Food (Everything Kosher on-line)
My Kosher Market (Another Kosher market on-line)
Penzeys Spices (The best spices for home or gifts)
Pizza Hut (Order your next pizza online - food of choice for geeks) (Coupons for restaurants in your area)
Silk Road Teas (Buy the best Chinese tea here)
Sur la Table (Lots of specialized items for cooks)
Tagines (Moroccan cooking - recipes, ingredients and serving utensils)
Williams Sonoma (The place for cooks)


Specialty Recipes

For that special occasion or "person".
Bread Machine Recipes (1,000's of recipes for a bread machine)
Candy Direct (Everything candy including the stuff from childhood)
Cookstr (Great recipes from renowned chefs)
Dog Treats (A doggie recipe site - make your own bones and treats)
Egg Recipes (For every meal from the American Egg Board)
Healthiest Foods (Discover the world's healthiest foods)
Joy of Baking (Fabulous deserts)
Kosher Cooking (Traditional Kosher recipes)
Men in Aprons (Special recipes for men)
Science of Drink (Creating the perfect drink)
Seafoodfish ( A collection of fish recipes and seafood recipes from 10 classic cook books)
Turkish Coffee (Everything you wanted to know about brewing and serving)
Yummly (Recipes based on diet and allergies)



Sites that don't quite fit in another category.
Encyclopedia of Spices (From epicentre)
Evite (Plan a party and send an evitation)
FarmersMarket (Let the USDA help you find a farmers market)
Gourmet Recipe Manager (Free from Sourceforge)
Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws)
Nutrition Data (Nutrition facts and calorie counter for 1,000's of foods)
Penzeys (Buy the world's best spices here)
PurpleTrail (Create invitations for the perfect party or event)
RecipeBridge (A specialized search engine indexing over a million recipes)
Replacements (Replace missing dish ware and silverware)
SuperCook (Ingredients in search of a recipe)
Webtender (The on-line bartender - find the ingredients for adult drinks here)
Williams Sonoma (The place for cooks)


Every good meal deserves a fine wine and wine can now be imported into Georgia for personal use.
Beverage Factory (Quality glassware and bar supplies at discount prices)
Choosing the right wine glass (Every varitial deserves the right glass)
How to Choose Wine (A guide to choosing the right wine)
Liquorama (A California wine merchant offering many vintages not available locally)
Taylor & Norton (Fine wine by the case at deep discount prices and a wine club)
Wine Rx (More fine wine at discount prices)
Wines of France (All about French wines)