Money and Investing

The Internet is a great source of information on investments and stocks. When you invest in stocks, information is your most valuable resource. Here are a few important sources.
Bank Rate (Compare savings, mortgage, credit card & CD rates)
Bloomberg (From Bloomberg Investments)
Business Week (Subscribe to the online edition)
Charity Navigator (Investigate a charity before you give)
CheckingFinder (Find a high interest, free checking account in your area)
CNN Money (Answers to financial questions)
Dr Calculator (Full financial calculator)
FinAid (Help a grandchild by finding financial aid for education)
Finra (Investment tools from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)
Forbes (The magazine and a great source of company information)
Google Finance (The latest in financial information from Google)
Index Universe (Investing in indexes. Own a whole sector instead of a single stock)
InTrade (Practice trading skills with a predictive market)
Investing in Bonds (Your guide to CD and Bond investments)
Investments 101 (The free investing classroom with 100's of short courses from Morningstar)
Investopedia (Another good source of investment advice)
Investor's Business Daily (Subscribe to the best daily business news services for under $30/month)
iShares (Barclays ETF's)
Kiplinger (Personal finance advice and business forecasts)
Lipper (The mutual fund intelligence service)
Morningstar (The Investment information service)
Morningstar ETF's (Morningstar Exchange Traded Funds)
Mortgage Loan for Seniors (Specialized mortgages for seniors)
My Money (Financial literacy from the federal government)
NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation)
NYSE (The New York Stock Exchange)
ScotTrade (One of the best Internet stock brokers - $7/trade)
SimpleDollar (Common sense financial talk)
StockHouse (A blog community with useful stock information)
Thrive (Learn to manage debt and watch your savings grow)
Wesabe (Manage and save money here)
What's the Cost? (Determine what something really costs with interest)
Yahoo Finance (Another great source for investment information)
WSJ (Subscribe to the online Wall Street Journal for $99/year)