There are numerous medical sites on the Internet. Many are selling "snake oil" and do not provide useful or valid information. The sites below contain accurate medical information from legitimate sources to assist you and your doctor in treating a condition.

Consumer Health Information

Health information designed for the consumer. Less technical than the medical information links.
CalorieLab (Find the exact number of calories for meals or restaurant dishes)
eMedicine (A good consumer oriented medical site)
HealthFinder (The Federal governments guide to health)
Healthline (A search engine for common health problems)
HelpGuide (Find help on many health topics)
Mayo Clinic (Medical information and videos from the clinic in Rochester, Minnesota)
MedHelp (Symptom search)
Medline Vitamins (The medical effects and what they do)
Medspeak (Learn to talk like a doc, or understand your doctor)
NIA (National Institute on Aging)
PDRhealth (A consumer version of the PDR)
Symptom Checker (Enter your symptoms for a list of possible causes. From WebMD)
WebMD (A consumer health site)



These sites contain information on specific diseases and conditions. These are a good starting point for information.
Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (See the post surgery PDF's)
Alzheimer's Association (Learn the latest about Alzheimer's Disease)
American Heart Association (All about heart health and learn CPR here)
Arthritis Foundation (Find the latest news and treatment)
Cancer (Information for patients and doctors)
Cancer (Information from Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)
Chemo Angels (A support group for those fighting cancer)
Diabetes (From the American Diabetes Association)
Heart Attack (The symptoms and warning signs)
Heart Assoc (All about your heart and heart conditions)
Living With Cancer (Should cancer strike, a helpful resource)
Osteoporosis (From the National Osteoporosis Association)
Parkinson's Disease (From the National Parkinson Foundation)
Rheumatology (Patient info from the American College of Rheumatology)
Stroke (from the National Stroke Association)


Doctors and Hospitals

Find the right doctor or hospital. Find information rather than picking one from the phone book.
Health Grades (Hospital ranking by procedure/cost/safety - some free, some fee)
Hospital Compare (Compare hospitals for specific procedures)
HospitalFinder (Links to every hospital in the U.S.)
Information on doctors (Find the right doctor)
Physician Finder (Locate a physician or specialist at WebMD)



Information on drugs and clinical trials. All the information in a PDR is available on the Internet.
Clinical Trials (The FDA Clinical Trials site)
DestinationRx (Save money on your prescriptions)
Drug Information (The online prescription drug information database)
Drug Interactions (Are your drugs safe together?)
DRx (Compare drug prices at local and Internet stores)
FDA CDER (The FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research)
Generic Drugs (Find the equivalent generic drug here)
GoodRx (Find the best price for drugs in your area)
Med Tipster (Find the best price on drugs)
Top 200 Drugs (By sales for the past four years)
Trials Central (Find Clinical Trials for medial conditions)



It can improve your overall health as you age and it's never too late to start. Just ask your doc.
Brain Fitness (News and training for that all important organ)
Elevate (More brain exercises)
Exercise Library (from the American Council on Exercise. Includes yoga and PT)
Secrets of Yoga (The health benefits of Yoga)
Walking Site (Get started walking. It's good for you.)
YogaZone (Exercises and supplies)
Younger Next Year (Turn back your biological clock)


Medical Information

The Internet contains all the medical information your doctor uses. These sites contain professional medical information. If you want to take charge of your own health, these sites will help. Be aware that the Internet also contains snake oil sites for every medical fraud and unscrupulous cure-it-all drug. When looking for accurate medical information use a search engine like Scirus that can limit your search to peer reviewed medical sites.
Circulation (The Journal of the American Heart Association. Free online.)
Dream Anatomy (An exhibit at the NLM)
Free Books 4 Doctors (Free access to 100's of medical books)
Genetics Home Reference (All about genetic conditions)
Gray's Anatomy (Complete book at Bartleby's)
Harrison's Principles or Internal Medicine ($100/yr - free for a month)
Human Anatomy Online (with many animations)
Implicit Association Test (Psychological tests from Harvard Medical School)
Learn CPR (All about CPR including videos)
Medical Dictionary (at the National Library of Medicine)
Medicexchange (Imaging information - all modalities in one place)
MEDLINE (Searchable health information from the National Library of Medicine)
Medscape (With many CME courses in neurology)
Merck Manuals (The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy)
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Acupuncture anyone?)
National Institutes of Health (Search any health issue)
National Library of Medicine (Browse the library from your computer)
         Organized Wisdom (Make sense of the headlines with accurate health information)
OR Live (Watch videos of surgical procedures)
Scirus Search Engine (Search only peer reviewed medical information with Scirus)
The Visible Body (More online human anatomy)
Whole Brain Atlas (Harvard Medical School's atlas of the human brain)


Medical Shopping

You can purchase professional medical equipment or common medical supplies on the net.
23andMe (Have your DNA mapped for $100)
AliMed (Hard to find medical items.)
Bodytronics (Heart rate and blood pressure monitors, body fat, pedometers, etc.)
CaneMasters (The place for unusual canes)
Fashionable Canes (More great and unusual canes)
Heart Rate Monitors (Essential for exercise or cardiac rehab)
Omron (Manufacturer of health monitors for home and professional use)
Puritan's Pride (A complete Internet source for vitamins)
SinuCleanse (The all natural nasal wash system)
Steeles (Professional quality medical instruments)
TENS Unit (Buy a MedScope TENS unit for less than $100)
TigerMedical (Medical supplies, equipment, instruments, mobility, home care, etc.) (All types of assistance devices at a discount price)



These sites don't quite fit in another category.
BloodPressureChart (Chart your BP on-line)
Care Pages (Share information about a seriously ill relative)
Donate Life (Become an organ or tissue donor)
EatRight (Food information and nutrition)
Family History (Create a family medical history)
FitDay (Free Internet weight loss aids)
Food&Fitness (A planner from WebMD)
Free Medical Clinics (Find a free clinic in your area)
Nutrition (A government site all about nutrition)
Organized Wisdom (Health quizzes)
Pollen (Local and national allergy levels)
Stress Management (How to control the stress in your life)
WebAnywhere (A web based screen reader for the blind)