These are all fun sites that offer hours of entertainment. No great wealth of information, but if you're bored with solitaire, find some fun sites here.


Sites devoted to radio, music and song. Audio files are generally small enough to be downloaded on a dial-up connection.
AllMusic (Your catalog of online music)
Audacity (The free music editor from Sourceforge)
Blackstone Audio (The best in audio books)
Classical Music Archive (Download classical performances, music and MIDI's for a fee)
Deezer (Listen, create and share music)
eMusic (Purchase CD's by the song)
Free Classic Audio Books (Audio books of classics in the public domain)
Free Old Time Radio Shows (1,000's ready to download)
International Radio World (Listen live on your PC to over 5,000 radio stations around the world)
iSerenity (ambient sound environments at your desktop for relaxation and solitude)
Karaoke (Turn your computer into a Karaoke machine with this plugin)
Kiddie Records (Listen to childrens records from the 40's and the 50's)
Language Trainers Group (Can you guess the country, region, city from the accent?)
Live Music Archive (Free music for broadband)
Mozarteum (The complete works of Mozart)
Musicpedia (A searchable database of tunes)
Musopen (Free Public Domain music)
Popular American Music (View the UCLA sheet music collection.)
RadioNostalgia (Classic radio shows going back to 1928)
Radio Time (Listen to radio from anywhere on your computer)
Radio Time Machine (Dial in the year and listen)
Rare Music (Find LP's and 78's here)
Sound Junction (All about sound and music)



Sites devoted to your best friend. Personally selected by Maggie and Fiona.
ACDSCNQ (Maggie's favorite site. Be sure to check Photo Album 5)
AKC (The American Kennel Club if pure bred dogs are your thing)
Animal Rescue (Rescue your best friend)
AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
Complete Dog Guide (Only doggie information)
Daily Coyote (Shreve Stocktons blog on living with Charlie)
Daily Puppy (Your daily fix for puppy pictures)
Darby (The monkeydawg. A great Border Collie site)
Discount Dog Stuff (Kathy's stuff for dogs and cats too)
Dog City Bakery (Maggie's favorite bakery at Johnson Ferry and Roswell Rd)
Doggelganger (Find the perfect dog for you) (Lots of hard to find doggie stuff)
DogsOnline (All about dogs)
Dogster (For the love of a dog)
Homeless Pets Foundation (Dr. Michael Good's pet rescue and adoption foundation)
HoneyRockDawn (Shreve's other blog devoted to her cows)
IQ Test (How smart is your dog? Fiona scored a 37!!)
Life on the Leash (Lots of doggie pictures)
Merck Vet (The Merck Manual of Veterinary Medicine)
Paws with a Cause (Maggie's favorite charity - help raise a service dog)
Pets Allowed Hotels (Take your best friend on vacation)
PetFinder (Adopt a homeless pet)
Pet Place (All about caring for your best friend, be it canine or feline)
Pet Site (Create a web site for your pet)
Rescue Groups (Adopt your new best friend from the AKC)
Senior Dogs (Adopt a senior dog from the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs)
Ted Kerasote (Merle's friend & translator and NYT Best Selling author of Merle's Door)
U.S. Animal of Vermont (Some of the best pet meds - taken by Mags and the wolves at Wild Spirit)
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary (All dogs are genetically wolves. Be sure to look at the Raven Memorial)



Sites with card games, board games, word games, video games and mind games.
20Q (Play 20 questions and learn a new language)
AllGames (Your catalog of online games)
Arcade Games (Play old arcade games like PacMan and Asteroids)
Best Crosswords (Endless supply of on-line and printable puzzles)
Brain Games (Memory and brain games to train your thinking)
Candystand (100's of games from Life Savers)
Chess (One of the better Internet chess games)
Click Mazes (Mazes - lots and lots of mazes)
CoolQuiz (The trivia quiz center)
Crosswords (Crossword puzzles)
Jigzone (An addictive jigsaw puzzle site)
K2XL (The game site)
MahJong (Play Mah Jong for hours)
MiniClip (Short, sweet and free games)
MiStupid (The on-line knowledge magazine with many brain games)
Monopoly (Play Monopoly with the world)
Movie Poster Quiz (See how good you are at identifying movie posters from the font)
One Across (Crossword puzzle help)
Planarity (A game based on graph theory)
Poker (Find out everything about the game of poker)
PuzzleMaker (from Discovery Magazine)
Quizcon (Lots of quizzes - more added regularly)
Scrabble (Play Scrabble against a Java program)
Smashing Games (Free online games)
Sudoku (Download to your computer or phone)
Tetris (Customize as you wish)
Thinking Machines (Learn about artificial intelligence and play chess with a computer)
Vocabulary Word Games (Learn to talk like WFB)
Voknel (More online jigsaw puzzles)
Word Buff (Win at word games)
WordSmith (The Internet anagram server)
World of Solitaire (Many solitaire games on this interactive site)
Yahoo Games (Full of card and board games)



Help with your hobby. (A site devoted to commercial and military aviation - lots of great photos)
ATC Chat (Listen to live Air Traffic Control on your computer)
Artcyclopedia (Your guide to fine art on the Internet)
Earth Album (Share your pictures with the planet)
FlightGear (A flight simulator for all those frustrated pilots)
Fly Fishing (Everything you wanted to know, and more)
KnitPro (Turn digital pictures into knitting patterns)
Knitty (The Internet knitting magazine)
Quilting (A guide to quilting)
Railroads (Design a railroad online)
Sewing Patterns (From McCall's - some free and some fee)
Sky&Telescope (If you have a telescope, you need this site)
Zamzar (Online tools to convert the format of audio and video files)


Miscellaneous Entertainment Sites

Sites that don't quite fit in another category.
Atlas Obscura (A compendium of the world's wonders, curiosities and esoterica) (A 21st Century "books on tape". Download audiobooks here.)
Chinese Name(Get a Chinese name)
Complete Review (An opinionated literary review of thousands of books)
Dilbert (The Dilbert comic strip)
Drawspace (Drawing lessons)
Drive-ins (Locate a drive in theater near you or just memories>
Fark (Drew Curtis' unusual and outrageous news stories)
Flag of the United States
Free Rice (Test your vocabulary and donate rice)
Geosense (Test your knowledge of world geography)
Hamster Dance (The grandaddy of all silly Internet sites)
Last Page of the Internet
Leonard's Web Cams (The definitive list of webcams)
Lulu (Become a published author worldwide for free)
MoOM (Museum of Online Museums - a portal to online art)
Optical Illusions (A collection of optical illusions)
Panoramas (360 degree fullscreen panoramas of events and places)
Paper Back Swap (Swap books with others on-line)
Photo Essays (VII Photos - pictures are worth 1,000 words)
Phylotaxis (An exploration of the space where science meets culture)
Pictures of Places (Pictures from around the world)
Shakespeare (Search for the perfect Shakespeare passage)
Sorry, Gotta go (Background sounds to get out of almost anything)
Stop, you're killing me (A site devoted to the mystery novel)
Turbulence (Explore the Net arts)
Visible Proofs (A history of forensic examination from NIH)



Sites with memories of times past.
Baby Names (The most popular baby names by year from SSA)
Civics Literacy Test (Test your knowledge of civics.)
Early Las Vegas (Explore the early days of Vegas)
The Gentleman's Page (A practical guide for the 19th century American man)
George Carlin (Enjoy his wit and wisdom)
MIT Entrance Exam (from 1869! Proof education has dumbded us down)
Nostalgia Central (Nostalgia from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's)
RetroThing (Your guide to vintage technology)
TriviaPlaza (Take quizzes on geography, music, science, literature, computers, etc.)
Urban Explorer (Explore abandoned buildings and places.)
Year by Year (See what happened in any year of the last century)



Sites with movies, TV shows, commercials, educational presentations and short films. You need a broadband Internet connection. These files are very big.
1980's Commercials (A cpllection of TV commercials from the 80's)
AllMovie (Your catalog of online movies)
Best Videos (See the web's best video clips)
BlueGobo (An archive of musical theater on video)
British Films (from the British Film Council)
CanIstreamIt (See if a TV show or movie is available anywhere)
Clicker (What's on TV or the Net? Find it here.)
FlVix (Convert videos to play on your cell phone)
Free Movies (Free movies and documentaries for broadband users)
Hey!Watch (Convert your videos to the Internet)
HuLu (Watch your favorite TV show or video clip)
Internet Movie Database (All the movies on DVD/TV/Net)
JibJab (The political parody)
Live News Cams (Television news feeds from your choice of cities)
Looney Tunes (A collection of classic cartoons)
Movie Trailers (Apple's site with movie coming attractions)
OpenFlix (100's of public domain movies)
Open Video Project (Thousands of historical video clips from the University of North Carolina)
Pixar (The digital animation studio. Be sure to look at the free short films.)
Search Video (A video search engine)
TV Intros (50 years of TV intros)
TV Land (An archive of Classic TV shows)
VEOH (Online video source)
Video Central (at AOL. Lots of video for broadband users)
Visit4infol (A collection of TV commercials)
Watch Films (If you have broadband, download movies, cartoons, news)
World TV Chart (The best TV clips for the week)
WWITV (World Wide Internet Television. Live feeds from 1500 channels)
You Tube (Internet television clips on every subject)