The Internet encyclopedia

Wikipedia is a unique Internet encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute. The objective was to capture the sum total of human knowledge. We all have unique life experiences and can contribute those to Wikipedia.

The name is derived from the Hawaiian word wiki meaning "quick".

How it works

Wikipedia employs an open editing model. Anyone can contribute an article and anyone can correct an article. Regular contributors maintain a watch list of articles of interest to them to keep tabs on potential misuse. Some schools did not allow Wikipedia citations because of misuse in the 1990's with fabricated articles, but that abuse has generally been corrected. Nature, the British science magazine has determined that Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica in scientific topics. Wikipedia also cover new technology nearly as fast as it is created. Any institution that does not recognize Wikipedia is missing an outstanding source of information.

A complete description of technology and history of Wikipedia may be found on Wikipedia here.

Handy Tip

If you look at the top right of a web page in Internet Explorer you will see two boxes. The left box is the URL or Uniform Resource Locator. The right box is your preferred search engine and defaults to Microsoft Live Search. You can easily change it to Wikipedia by clicking on the down arrow next to magnifying glass.


and you will get a pop-up menu with other choices. If Wikipedia is not shown simply click on Find More Providers... and choose Wikipedia.

Search Choices

You will then have Wikipedia at your finger tips. Whenever you want to look something up on a web site simply type the topic in the Wikipedia box and do a search. Your new search choice will last only until IE is restarted.

To make it permanent, click on the arrow, select Manage Search Providers, Left click on Wikipedia and Set as the Default. It is now your default search engine.



If you see this for your search box, you are using IE8. Click on the down arrow to the right and select Find more providers...



Click on Search Providers and Find more search providers... at the bottom.

IE8 Search Providers


Select Wikipedia and click the Add to Internet Explorer button.

IE8 Search Providers


Click the down arrow again and select Wikipedia.

If you want to make Wikipedia your default search, click on the down arrow, select Manage search providers. Right Click on Wikipedia and select Set as Default. IE8 doesn't make it easy.

More IE8


Enjoy using Wikipedia and contribute your knowledge. Meet some of the other contributors HERE on Youtube.