Removing a program

How to remove a program from your computer

Removing a program is called uninstall on Windows.

To uninstall a program click on Start, at the lower left of the screen and Control Panel.

In the Control Panel double click on Add or Remove Programs.

Control Panel


After searching your computer, a list of installed programs will be displayed. On most computers this is a long list.

Scroll through the list and find the program you wish to remove.

Warning: Don't arbitrarily remove programs. They could be system programs that Windows needs to operate. Only remove programs that you are sure you don't want.

Here we are going to remove a program named Bonjour. This happens to be a program installed by iTunes that is not needed.

When we click on it we get the choice of Remove or Change. Click on Remove.

Add Remove Programs


You will then get one last chance to change your mind. Click Yes and the program will go through its uninstall procedure. You may be asked a few questions as the program is removed.

If the program produced data,. uninstall will usually give you the choice of saving the data so if you decide to re-install the program, all the old data will bed there.

Are you Sure?


When the program is completely removed you go back to the list of programs, with the next program selected here Carbonite, which we do not want to remove. So just click the red X at the top and close Add or Remove Programs. Uninstalled


That's about it. It's easy to remove a program. Just don't remove anything you are not sure about.

After removing you can always re-install from the CD or download it again.