Search Engine Tracking

Your search engine is tracking you

Last Christmas I was searching for the perfect present for my granddaughters. I decided in a telescope and did an extensive search on the different models in my price range. Every advertisement from that point on were from telescope manufacturers.

When the girls came for a visit I didn't want them to see all the telescopes in every advertisement from every web site.

Nearly every popular search engine tracks every search that you make and sells that information to merchants. This is true of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Chrome.

That leads to the question: Why does this happen?

Like every other site in the Internet, search engines have your IP Address so every computer attached to your router starts to show the same ads. Not very useful if your searching for a spouse surprise anniversary present.

There are specialized search engines that prevent this tracking. Here are three examples:

  1. DuckDuckGo found at
  2. Blekko found at
  3. Inquick found at

All accomplish the same task. They do not save your IP Address and search argument.

So if you want to search in privacy, use one of the above search engines.