Science Direct Search Engine

A search engine for scientific information


Science Direct is a specialized search engine that may be directed only to search peer reviewed medical, scientific or legal information.

For example, if we do a Google search on "multiple sclerosis" we get about 9 million results. These results contains real information as well as snake oil and anecdotal unproven "cures". On the other hand, if we limited our search to peer reviewed medical information with Science Direct, we would have only about 700,000 results.

Go to Science Direct and 


and click Advanced Search.


This takes you to the Advanced Search Options

Since we want to only search on medical information select Medicine and Dentestry box and click the Search button. You can also search in Neuroscience or Pharmacology.

Advanced Search


Where we get our 5,147 peer reviewed journal articles. To view any just click on the article.



Now go back an look at the other Science Direct Advanced Search options. The search can also be limited to particular journals, web sources or information types or formats.


Use Science Direct instead of Google when you are searching for medical, legal or technical information and want to eliminate the Internet junk.