Really Simple Syndication

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds allow you to keep up with a subject from your web browser. It can be scientific, medical, legal, political or a Blog.

Whenever the news source is updated, your RSS Reader will be updated with the new article title.

Firefox has a built in RSS feed. It is Live Bookmarks.

Internet Explorer 8 also has an RSS Reader. Earlier versions of IE may not.

Here we have created a bookmark folder called RSS in Firefox. We have already subscribed to 11 RSS feeds starting with Google News and going to Applied Physics Letters. If we go to the first, Google News, we get a list of today's articles to the right. We clicks on the article and go directly to it. That way we can pick and choose what we want to see without going to the site.

Where one puts the feed is up to you. I have chosen a bookmark folder called RSS, but I could have created multiple folders by category of feed (News, Physics, Politics, etc.). The organization is up to you.

RSS Firefox


First we will subscribe using Firefox. Go to The Daily Coyote blog. Notice RSS in the navigation bar. Click on it.

Daily Coyote


RSS Feed



Click on click Subscribe Now----->






You will get a prompt, asking if we want to subscribe and where to put the subscription. We put it in the RSS folder.




Now we repeat subscribing to The Daily Coyote, this time using Internet Explorer 8.





Click on RSS in Daily Coyote using IE 8. This time we get this.


Click Subscribe to this feed----->










You will get a prompt from IE 8 asking where we want to put the feed subscription. We will take the default location and click on Subscribe.








That was not a typical example. More often you will see the RSS Symbol: RSS Symbol somewhere on the web page. Clicking on it will take you to your reader.


RSS handy and easy to use. That's about all that can be taught. Start using RSS feeds.