The Presentation System from Microsoft

Powerpoint is a presentation system from Microsoft that makes presentations that may or may not be synchronized to music. These are often used in sales presentations but some very creative individuals have used them for travel and entertainment "shows".

The Microsoft Powerpoint program costs around $230 alone or as part of Microsoft Office for around $700. The Powerpoint file format .pps is included in the Open File Format, so free Open Source programs like Open Office include a program called Impress that produces presentations identical to Powerpoint.

You can also obtain a free Powerpoint viewer from Microsoft here. The viewer can display a Powerpoint presentation, but cannot create one. If you don't have Powerpoint or Office, download the free viewer now.


Now that you have a viewer, go to the  SlideShare web site and take a look at the creative Powerpoint presentations found there. 

Explore some of the other Powerpoint presentations or download the free Open Office and create your own.