Telephone and Web Help

Handy phone numbers and web addresses for computer help or information

Telephone and web help

800.272.3623   Go to Website

Apple Computer:
800.538.9696   Go to Website

AT&T/BellSouth DSL:
770.780.2355   Go to Website

Creative Labs:
405.742.6655   Go to Website

404.266.2278   Go to Website

Dell Computer:
888.560.8324   Go to Website

800.719.4660   Go to Website

800.401.1819   Go to Website

Gateway Computer:
800.846.2301   Go to Website

Lenovo Personal Computer:
800.426.7378   Go to Website

800.628.8686   Go to Website

800.326.7114Go to Website

McAfee AntiVirus:
800.426.9400   Go to Website

800.426.9400   Go to Main Website

Web Support Only   Go to Website

800.326.9551 or 888.476.6972   Go to Website

Symantec Norton AntiVirus:
541.465.8420 or 800.927.3991   Go to Website

U.S Robotics / 3Com:
800.638.3266   Go to Website

More web sites for help:

YouTube offers thousands of excellent help videos. Just search on whatever you are trying to accomplish.

The Driver Guide is a massive collection of hardware device drivers. Drivers sit between the hardware and the operating system. The operating system says "read" and the driver puts 5 volts on line 2. Every new or old piece of hardware needs a driver. Get them all here - new or old. Free to join.

Google News Groups are one of the best sources for help. Just enter the problem you are having in quotes. For example, enter "system running slow" in the search box, and Google will search nearly 100,000 newsgroups for others who had the same problem, and how they solved it.

Kim Komando Ask the "Digital Goddess", or listen on WSB radio (750 AM) 9p.m. to Midnight on Sunday.

Tom's Hardware Guide is the Greenwich Mean standard of computer hardware sites. Find out what mother board is best, what video card, what modem, what network. All the latest hardware news and much more.