Open Courseware

Higher Education on your computer

The Internet has brought about numerous changes to civilization. One of the most profound is Open Courseware pioneered by MIT. MIT Open Courseware allows anyone to obtain a college education for free. You have access to MIT's entire undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Video of lectures for many courses, access to books (on Amazon), tests, course notes and exams. Everything but a formal degree. You have to pay for that. All you need is time and a computer with broadband Internet access.

An ideal scenario for Seniors. We have the time and a computer, if you're reading this. All that is needed is a desire to learn.

To enroll in a course go to MIT Open Courseware.

On the left you will see a navigation menu. We click on the Science category.













Where we see the various science curricula offered at MIT.


And we select Physics.









The Physics courses are listed. Nearly 100 of them.

The first column shows the resources available for the course.

They are, in order: Lecture Notes, Assignments, Exams and Video of Lectures.

Clicking on the first course Physics I: Classical Mechanics takes us to a course description.



We get the course description and see the lectures are from the Fall 1999 Semester by Prof. Walter Lewin.

There are three one hour lectures per week. That's 35 hours of lecture.

The course material is shown at the left. These are provided as PDF files.

Physics I


Go to MIT Open Courseware and take course that interests you.

You can also find courses at Open Culture, Opencourse or Academic Earth. MIT is the only institution, so far, to place their entire curriculum on-line.

It's free and keeping the mind active is good for Seniors.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Give it a try.