Genographic Project

Trace your DNA back 10,000+ years


The Genographic Project is a joint project between the National Geographic Society and the IBM Corporation based on the DNA research of Spencer Wells.

For about $100 the Genographic Project will send you DNA testing kit and will trace your heritage back 10,000+ years. This is geneaology on a macroscopic scale.

If you are an amateur genealogist, this is for you. We are all African-Americans if we trace our family history back far enough.

For example, my father's parents were from Italy and my mother's from Ireland and Germany. My DNA shows a migration path from Africa, 30,000 years ago to modern Italy, Germany and Spain. Many of the Irish can trace their history back to Spain.



A detailed gene map.



And a narrative of my specific DNA.



When your DNA is analyzed, you also get a video explaining your major gene types.

Taking a DNA sample is easy. One simply swabs the inside of their cheeks and mails the sample back. You can then provide additional family information if you so desire. It is not required.

When you get your kit a number is assigned. Names are not used. You need that number to access your information.

You also get a DVD of the National Geographic TV show on the project. 90 minutes of information and you may meet a distant relative. I did!


That's a lot of specific DNA data for $100.