The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators


The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators or NAUPA is a site for unclaimed property. That property may be real estate, financial instruments or tax refunds.

Every state has a department of unclaimed property. This could be an inheritance where the heirs cannot be found or a paycheck that you or your children forgot to pick up.

The laws for unclaimed property vary by state.

For example, in Florida, the law allows the holder of unclaimed property 10 years to find the owner and then must turn it over to the state. The state has another ten years to locate the owner. If the owner is deceased, the heirs can prove ownership through a Will or other legal document. Florida has a Bureau of Unclaimed Property to locate the owner.

One searches for the owner by last name and then narrows the search by City, County, Address or first name.

Again in the case of Florida, if you find property to which you have a claim the state only indicates whether the amount is over or under $100. Every state has it's own policy.

If the dollar amount is large, you may need to hire an attorney. Most states provide a list of approved inheritance attorneys on their unclaimed property site. The legal side is generally routine and attorneys charge a fixed and reasonable fee.

Every other state has a similar agency. When you go to NAUPA the first thing you see is a map of the United States. Simply click on the state you are interested in and you will be taken to the appropriate state agency.

All the states have a period of time to find the rightful owner after which they keep the property. So understand that they are not terribly motivated to make their sites user friendly.


Don't fall for unsolicited emails offering to find unclaimed property for a fee. Go to NAUPA and find it yourself for free.


Good luck treasure hunting!