Streaming Media

Old & International Radio & TV

Warning - don't try this on with dial-up Internet access. Streaming media requires a broadband Internet connection.

Media like TV, Radio and Movies are delivered to your computer over the Internet using Streaming Media. This requires a DSL or a Cable Internet connection. Dial-up simply is not fast enough.

We're going to examine the various types of Streaming Media by type.

Radio (New & Old)

Remember the old radio shows? They're back. A number of web sites contain archives of the old radio shows.

Shown here is Radio Lovers with comedy, mysteries, drama, serials and more going back to 1928. Or try The Wizard for old radio.

Most AM and FM radio stations stream their signal on the Internet. Catch the stream from your favorite home town station at RadioTime

You can even download them to an MP3 player here and carry them with you.

For a more comprehensive list see the Audio section of Fun Web Sites on C4S.

Radio Nostalgia

If you're more interested in radio now, you can find any station by state at the Radio Locator. You might want to listen to local news in your home town. Simply click on a state and locate the station.

International Radio

Short wave radio gave hours of enjoyment when I was a child. I remember listening in the dark to those scratchy fading signals from exotic places like London, Berlin, Halversum and Moscow on a hand built Hallicrafters short wave radio. Those same stations are now streaming their signals on the Internet, but now they sound like a local FM station. Clearly not short wave quality.

Mike's Radio World (shown below) has organized all those stations by region.

Amazon even sells Wi-Fi Internet Radio Receivers that combine the old time experience with a Wi-Fi router. You can listen to those short wave stations anywhere in your house with FM quality. Cool stuff, eh?

Mike's Radio World

Television & Video

YouTube is a tremendous archive of classic TV show scenes.

YouTube is part of Google so normal search rules as defined in C4S Google apply. Type the search arguments or click on them below. These are all classic video clips:

When the video completes take a look at some of the related videos like Marlow and Frances Cowan's Mayo Clinic Story.

These are full lenth shows. Many over an hour.

Now go to YouTube and try some of these search arguments, just click on them above or create your own searches on a topic of interest to you.

You Tube

There are web sites like HuLu (shown below) that allow you to watch complete television shows immediately after they are on TV. If you miss your favorite show you can watch it here, complete with commercials. HuLu is free so the price you pay is commercials.


Some of the other television and video sites are:

There are all kinds of video, some can be fairly raunchy, but we're all adults. If you are easily offended, or have unsupervised children using your computer change the Google Settings to Strict filtering.

Now that you can watch on the Net, you can find out what's on and when at Clicker.

International Television

If there is not enough TV channels on your cable or satellite dish, you can get International television at World Wide International TV as shown below.

Here you can get TV from around the world because TV stations, like radio stations, are streamed.

Simply pick a country on the left or a type on the right. Nearly every country has TV and they are all available at a mouse click.



Trailers are the "coming attractions" for Hollywood movies seen in theaters and on TV.

The most complete of these sites is run by Apple iTunes but be aware that Apple's real motive here is to sell iTunes. A service to sell music in a proprietary format. This brings up all the issues with Digital Rights Management. If you use iTunes Movie Trailers, Apple will continually install new software on your computer to sell iTunes.

A better repository is at Coming Soon as shown below. This sit just contains the movie trailers without installing software.

Coming Soon

Since first run movies are closely guarded intellectual property of the studios, you will not find new movies for free on the Internet. The closest thing are the Trailers discussed above.

There are however archives of free old movies and films. A few of these are:

With your broadband Internet connection explore the world of streaming media.