Training on 1,000's of software titles

Today's programs are sophisticated and can be difficult to learn. provides interactive online training at a reasonable cost.

The courses are done on your computer at your convenience. Courses cover most Microsoft, Apple, Open Source (free) and Adobe products. They even cover products by version number, so you can get training on an old product.

Prices are $25 or $37.50 per month. The later include all the sample programs. Most courses are around 5 hours. For $25, one can take as many courses as can fit into a month.

It is convenient to subscribe for a single month, learn a few products, then end the subscription and use the software. Re-subscribe when you need to learn new title(s).

A complete list of courses may be found HERE.

Lynda is very good at starting and stopping subscriptions. All the subscription options are shown HERE.

All the Lynda courses are well written and presented with videos and numerous examples.

You can always go to an try a few course lessons for free. 

Give it a try. The courses are well worth your time.