List Server

Subscribe to a list

Many organizations offer a regular email newsletter. This is handled by a piece of server software known as a listserver. Since this is basically an email event, subscriptions are usually handled through an email.

For Example, the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine offer a weekly newsletter on advances in medicine, as shown below.

In MedLine Plus every article is shown with a hotlink to the web page containing that article. Simply click on it and you go to the article.

This is very handy to browse through a large number of articles to pick what you want to read.

An updated technology to do this is the RSS feed covered here on C4S but be aware that not all listservs use RSS.



You subscribe to this list by sending an email to MEDLINEPLUS-NEW-subscribe-request@LIST.NIH.GOV. It generally does not matter what is in the Subject or text, but to be on the safe side, put subscribe in the Subject and subscribe in the text. That should take care of the various listserv packages in use.

In this particular case the only thing that matters is the TO: address and the FROM: address. Everything else is ignored. After you subscribe, you will get an email back with further instructions to complete your subscription.

There are a number of web sites that offer Lists of Listserv Lists. These show the 10,000 of lists available and what you do to subscribe and unsubscribe. L-Soft is good as is Meta-List. Between those two you should be able to find the right list for you.

I personally subscribe to about a dozen lists, in subjects ranking from computer hardware, to gravitational physics.

Be aware that some unsavory lists give your email address to spammers. To be on the safe side, it's a good practice to have multiple email addresses. Webmail sites like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. They all have excellent spam filters. You can use one of these webmail sites to get listserv mailings. If your email address gets stolen or sold an effective spam filter will trash the trash.

People who are computer/Internet savvy have multiple email addresses.

For additional information see the C4S Computer Help on Email, Google and Internet.