How to download programs from the Internet

Many programs are available for downloading on the Internet , but beware. Some download sites also contain adware, spyware or viruses. All the sites on C4S have been checked and are free of contamination.

Just downloading from any web site can be dangerous. Make sure your virus and spyware definitions are current before attempting a download from any site not on C4S.

If you are using Firefox, please see our Firefox Help topic for proper download setup.

When you download, you are transferring a program installer from the Internet to your computer. You are not transferring the program, only the installer. Once installed, programs reside in the Program Files folder.

When you download you are given the choice of Saving or Running the download. Saving the download puts it somewhere on your C: drive while Running it actually runs the installer program. It's a good idea to save it just in case there is a problem with the installation. That way you will have the installer available on your computer.

When you choose Save, the computer will pick a place to save it like My Downloads. The problem with that is simple. There are many My Downloads folders on your computer and you have no idea which one the download was put in.

Here we have done a search for a My Downloads folder on a computer at East Cobb Senior Center. Which one is the My Downloads folder Windows will choose?


To rectify this problem, create a folder in a place of your choosing to hold downloads. We create a folder called My Stuff in root directory of our C: drive to hold downloads.

  1. First start Windows Explorer - you can get to Windows Explorer from the Start menu on Windows XP.
  2. On the left side of the menu, you will see all your devices.
  3. If not already highlighted, click My Computer
  4. Then click on the Local Disk(C:) drive. The contents of C: will appear on the right.
  5. Click on File.
  6. Click on New and Folder
  7. Type My Stuff in the highlighted New Folder on the right. Then Enter.
  8. Now close Windows Explorer.

You have just created a My Stuff folder in the root of C:.

We are ready to download something and put it in the My Stuff folder.

Go to the download site. In this example we'll download Firefox.

Click Download on the Firefox site and you will be presented with this menu:

Click Save and you get this menu:

If the C: drive is not shown, click the down arrow to the right of the Save in: box and select C:.

Then highlight the My Stuff folder and click Open.

You will be presented with this menu:


Just click Save and the Firefox installer will be saved in your My Stuff folder.

You're now ready to install Firefox by:

Clicking on My Computer, C: drive, My Stuff folder.

Highlight Firefox Setup and double click to install it.

The Firefox installer will start and install Firefox on your computer.

If you change your mind on any of the install options, you can always cancel the installation, then go back to My Stuff and re-start.

When you're done, you can erase Firefox Setup from My Stuff because after installation, the Firefox program lives in the My Programs folder.

Should you ever want to get rid of Firefox, use the Add/Remove Programs function in Control Panel.


That's it. You know how to download from the Internet, what folder the download was put in and how to install and uninstall the program.