Desktop Pictures

How to use change your desktop

Depending on your particular version of Windows XP, the standard desktop is called Windows XP or Bliss.

Changing your Desktop Background

To change your background back to the Windows standard select one of these.

There are a number of background pictures that are included with Windows XP. Changing the background is easy. Simply place your cursor anywhere on the desktop, then Right Click and select Properties. This will take you to Display Properties.

Then click the Desktop tab.

desk3.png 404x455









Using one of your pictures on the desktop

You will get the Display Properties, Desktop menu.

Here you can select what you want on your desktop.

Depending on your particular version of Windows XP, the standard desktop is called Windows XP or Bliss.

Scroll through all the choices of desktop backgrounds and choose what you want.

If none are to your liking, you can use one of your own pictures or download a picture from the Internet.


To use one of your own pictures, click the Browse... button.



Finding an Image





This takes you to a screen that allows you to use a picture somewhere on your computer or your network.


It is a standard computer browse menu.

Select the place to look. Here we are looking at our C: disk.











Desktop Properties










If you go back to the Display Properties and click the Customize Desktop... button you can change more desktop properties.

Like the desktop icons.

You can also stop Windows from removing unused icons by taking off the check mark on Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard.









Using an Internet picture on the desktop

If you don't have a picture to your liking, you can easily get one from the Internet.

For example, go to Google select Images and then search on anything that you like.

Here we have searched on "queensland blue heeler", a type of Australian Cattle Dog.

Then Right Click on the picture we like, and select Set As Desktop Background.... ACD Images


Where we can select Stretch, Center or Tile. Then click the Set Desktop Background button.

And we have a new desktop background. The new picture will also appear in our Background list in Display Properties.

Stretch Center Tile


You can always undo whatever picture is on your desktop.