Privacy, cookies and web browsers

Do you know who is tracking you on the Internet?

We hear a lot about Internet privacy these days. Internet Privacy is an oxymoron. Behavioral targeting or tracking is where a web a web site continues to track where you are going on the web after you visit their site. This is a $39 billion dollar business in 2012!

Sometimes, you want particular web sites to know your interests so they can recommend purchases. Amazon comes to mind. The more they know, the better their recommendations.

Other times a web site simply wants to track your browsing activity.

Lightbeam is a Firefox Add-on that tracks the trackers. To install, you must be using Firefox as your web browser. Simply click on Tools, Add-ons then search on Collusion and Install.

Upon installation, you will see a small circle Collusion appear in the Add-on bar at the bottom of Firefox.

If you click on it, you will get a display of the sites tracking you.

Collusion Display

If you click on any of the circles you will see the sites that web site is using to track you.

To close the display, simply close the tab.

For a short video on Firefox Lightbeam, go HERE