Web Logs

Blog is a blend of the words Web and Log. It is a type of web site, maintained by an individual with regular entries. Sort of an online shared diary. This is one of the many ways the Internet is changing society.

Some blogs are just personal opinions while others are the life of interesting people. Some of the better blogs are:

The Daily Coyote a blog by Shreve Stockton and her life with a pet coyote, based on her book The Daily Coyote (available from Amazon). Another blog from Shreve is Honey Rock Dawn.  This is a blog about her life and farmily in Wyoming.

A couple other interesting pet blogs:
Bark About Your Dog is blog devoted to dogs.
Buckley's Story is Ingrid King's blog on living with cats.

Or take a look at a blogger who changed history by challenging the mainstream media with facts instead of opinion. Matt Drudge in The Drudge Report has introduced more exclusive news stories than many newspapers.

You can find a blog on nearly any subject at Google's Blog Search. Give it a try to find a blog of interest to you.

If you decide a blog is for you, the software is free and there are numerous web sites to assist.

Blog Software, Sites and Ttutorials

Blogger  Software with a tutorial
WordPress Start a BLOG with the #1 Blog software package
Thesis Themes Thesis themes for WordPress
Thesis Tutorial From Berchman
WordPress Lessons Tutorials covering all aspects of WordPress
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