Computer Help

Ways to find computer help and lessons

Getting help with computer problems can be frustrating. We provide detailed information in a number of areas that extends or enhances what is taught in class. Some of the subject areas are lessons to get you started so you can explore on your own. Others extend what you have learned in class. All of the Help Topics use hypertext and the World Wide Web as they were intended. Whenever you see a blue word in the text, that is a link to more information on the subject.

It has been shown that Internet usage keeps your mind active. The saying "use it or loose it" applies to your brain as well as your body. Learning something new keeps the brain sharp.


Windows Subject Areas:

Defragmentation Why and how to defragment hard drives

Desktop Background Pictures Using your own or getting one from the Internet

File Systems On Windows and the Internet

File Types What they are and what they do

Folder Options Changing the Files and Folders that you see

Mouse Clicks 1 Click, 2 Clicks, Right Click, Left Click

Removing a Program Remove or Uninstall a Program


Additionally you can get hardware and software help from these sources:


Web Sites and Telephone Numbers


Internet Subject Areas:

Banking Online A guide to Online Banking

BLOGS Express yourself on-line

Cookies How they help web browsing

Cloud Computing What it is and how to use Google Docs

Distributed Computing Let your computer do scientific research when idle

Desktop Background Pictures Using your own or getting one from the Internet

DNS Domain Name Servers

Downloads Downloading programs from the Internet

E-mail Web mail or client mail?

Firefox A better web browser

Free Software Free Software Online

Genographic Project Trace your DNA back 10,000+ years

Google More than just a search engine

Graphics Editors The tools that manipulate a photograph or image

Internet A little history

Internet Connections The types of Internet connections and their speeds

IPv6 The coming IP revolution

Irfanview A free image editor perfect for email attachments

Lightbeam A Firefox Add-on that shows who is tracking you

Listservers Subscribing to e-mail news letters Training in 1,000's of software titles

Malware What it is and how to get rid of it.

NAUPA Go treasure hunting !!

Networking Setting up a home network

Open Courseware Higher education on your computer

Operating Systems What they do and alternatives to Windows

Passwords A reasonable approach

PDF Adobe's Portable Document Format

Periodic Table of Videos Brady Haran's outstanding YouTube videos

Pinterest The pinboard photo sharing app

Powerpoint The presentation system from Microsoft

Project Gutenberg Books and more books

Routers All about routers - wired and wireless

RSS All about Really Simple Syndication

Science Direct A search engine for scientific facts

Searching Using Windows Search

Security Security in general for your computer

Seniors and the Internet Using the Internet is good for your health

Shopping Online Everything you need to know about shopping on-line

Skype The Internet telephone

Snopes Is that email true or false?

Social Networking All about things like Facebook

Streaming Media Movies, TV and more

TED Ideas worth spreading

Tracking Your search engine is tracking you

Web Browsers There is more than Internet Explorer

Wi-Fi Using and securing a wireless network

Wikipedia The Internet Encyclopedia