This C4S course using, the Windows 10 operating system, provides you with a foundation in the basic knowledge and skills computer users rely upon. The course provides two tracks for learning. The first includes the basic terms and concepts needed for continued use and understanding of the computer. The second develops insight into word processing, the Internet, and what you need to know to be an educated computer consumer. You may have taken this course within the last 5 years using the Windows 7 operating system, but in this course you will learn these skills using the Windows 10 operating system.

1st DAY OF CLASS: Only if you own a computer, bring a flash/thumb drive with you on the first day of class (512 MB minimum)

3rd DAY OF CLASS: If you already have one, bring your email address and password to class.

Session one familiarizes you with the computer. You learn the correct way to turn it on and off, how to begin and end a program, how Windows 10 works, and using the mouse.

Session two shows you how a word processing program works, and what goes on in the computer when it is working. You will learn to use The Notepad program which has the basic skills used in any Word Processor of which you can not only record words, but publish your work in a professional manner. Word processors support and are capable of printing everything from simple notes to major literary works.

Session three continues our study of Word Processing by learning to use the Word Pad program. In addition you will learn to use the cut/copy, and paste operation and building a document using the typical operation of changing text fonts, sizes, bolding/coloring, etc. The two programs are installed on all of your home computers (Notepad and WordPad).

Session four studies the Internet. Here you will learn how to connect to the Internet, surf the Web, use the Windows Internet Explorer and Windows Edge browsers, and protect your computer from computer viruses.

Session five include email using the Windows Live Mail, and Yahoo mail.

Session six takes a closer look at how computers store and manage programs and the personal items you create. It also teaches how to organize your computer using files and folders techniques.

Session seven continues looking into installing, buying, backing up and restoring your data using USB drives, CDs, and External hard drives. It also introduces you to other C4S training and seminar programs which are offered.

Each class meets 7 times (sessions), 3 hours per session (21 hours total).

Each class holds six (6) students - one per computer.