Bring a flash/thumb drive with you on the first day of class (512 MB minimum)

The Course Covers:

  1. How the computer's filing system relates to a business office filing system.
  2. Using the Windows Explorer to manage your files and folders.
  3. Create new folders and name files.
  4. Cut or copy files from one folder and move files from one folder to a new folder.
  5. Use all the menu options of the Windows Explorer program.
  6. Change the view in Windows Explorer.
  7. Use the search function to find files or folders.
  8. Use the free Paint graphics program.
  9. Using program OPEN and SAVE AS with files and folders.
  10. Delete unwanted folders or files.
  11. Discuss the following: "How can I organize my computer so I can more easily find my documents, pictures, etc."

Each class meets 3 times (sessions), 3 hours per session (9 hours total).

Each class holds six (6) students - one per computer.