This is C4S course is considered an advanced course and should not be taken until you have had experience using the Windows 10 operating system. You may also take this course if you have completed the Windows 10 PC Introduction course.

1st DAY OF CLASS: Bring a flash/thumb drive with you on the first day of class (512 MB minimum)

This C4S Course Covers:

  1. More about Windows.
  2. The Control Panel.
  3. Adding and removing programs from the Control Panel and Settings.
  4. How to Install/Uninstall a program on your computer.
  5. System tools.
  6. My Computer.
  7. More about the File Explorer.
  8. The Recycle Bin.
  9. Managing Files and Folders.
  10. Shortcuts.
  11. Organizing the desktop.
  12. Document Management.
  13. Viewing unassociated (new) document types.
  14. Windows 10 ability to Send To X (Any Folder).

Each class meets 4 times (sessions), 3 hours per session (12 hours total).
Each class holds six (6) students - one per computer.