This course is considered an advanced C4S course. Introduction to the PC and Internet are prerequisite courses for PC users. 

The course does not require knowledge of the PC, but does require knowledge of your computer. MAC and Linux users are welcome. This course consists of Internet demonstrations and hands-on. 

In this age of the Internet, there is no excuse for ignorance. You will be taught Internet data mining for the information that you need.

This C4S Course Covers:

  1. A brief history of the Internet, what it is, how it works.
  2. A little alphabet soup: ISOC, ISP's, IETF, RFC's
  3. Email and attachments:
  4. Web Browser Basics:
  5. Email Attachments:
  6. Using the Computers4seniors Web Site
  7. Program Downloads
  8. Google
  9. SIRUS Search Engine
  10. Internet Free Software
  11. Buying on the Internet
  12. Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Spyware and Adware Internet use protection
  13. Social Networking - FaceBook/LinkedIn
  14. eBay and PayPal
  16. On-line banking and Stocks
  17. Wikipedia
  18. Snopes
  19. Periodic Table of Videos
  20. Skype
  21. RSS
  22. NAUPA
  23. Project Gutenberg
  24. Blogs
  25. Distributed Computing
  26. Old/International TV, Radio, Movies
  27. Open Courseware

Each class meets 5 times (sessions), 3 hours per session (15 hours total).

Each class holds six (6) students - one per computer.