C4S Seminars

Taking a Computer Inventory

This Seminar assumes you have a working knowledge of the computer.

1st DAY OF CLASS: Bring your laptop to class and a flash/thumb drive (512 MB minimum)

Don't buy anything new for your computer unless you know what your computer already has in it. Adding a new program or hardware to your computer brings with it the need for you to know if your computer has the features and resources those new things require. These needs are stated as Requirements on all program and product boxes. You should read them and determine if your computer meets or exceeds them before buying any new stuff. Well then, how does one determine what one's computer already has, and thus become able to make that comparison? First of all, you need to know how to take an inventory of what's already on your computer. This seminar teaches you how to do that. It also suggests a way for you to document that inventory.

This seminar meets 1 time (session), 3 hours.

This seminar holds up to 6 attendees, 1 per computer.