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About Cobb County Computers for Seniors

Today's seniors, for the most part, missed taking part in the explosion of home computer use which began in the early nineteen eighties. But determined not to be left out, they are coming forward in large numbers to get on board with this new technology.

If you're considering a computer, but not sure if it's right for you, please see Is the Computer for Me?

Seniors are estimated to be the fastest growing Internet user group in the country, and with that comes the need for introductory and advanced level computer training using the Windows' Graphic User Interface.

Beyond the Internet, seniors are learning to use computers for information and image processing, as well as games, home finances, and many other areas of interest for which computers can be applied.

Cobb county has long recognized this, and in an effort to help train and educate our seniors has established computers and computer training at five Senior Centers across the county:

We offer seniors a variety of courses. All of which were designed specifically for Seniors, and begin with our Basic Introduction to Computers course. See our course descriptions for a summary of all courses.

Class size is limited to six, and each Senior has use of a computer during hands on exercises in class.

Classes are taught by volunteers who have extensive experience in using computers. Each course is accompanied by an illustrated training guide which reinforces what is taught in each training session. Often these guides walk students, step by step, through the actions introduced and performed in class.

In addition to the Instructor, whenever possible, an assisting coach will be present in the classroom to help answer questions, and assist students during hands on exercises.

We offer three terms of training each school year with class registration just prior to each term. We offer a Fall term with registration in late August. All Fall classes end prior to the Holidays and are suspended during Thanksgiving week.

Our Winter term begins with registration in early January. All Winter term classes end in early April.

A short Spring term begins with registration in mid April, with all classes complete by early June.

Open registration is held on a specific day and time at each Senior Center for classes taught at that Center. Classes are offered on a first come, first served basis.

For registration, please see our registration dates.

Goals of the Program: