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Computers for Seniors

If you are 55 or older and interested in learning how to use the computer, and live northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, your Cobb County Senior Centers offer no stress, inexpensive, courses designed just for you.

C4S class



Cobb Senior Services, of Cobb County, Georgia, offers a comprehensive, inexpensive curriculum designed to teach Seniors how to make productive use of the PC. We have successfully trained over a thousand Seniors. Our offerings begin with a seven session PC Introduction course. We meet once a week for three hours over seven consecutive weeks.

The PC Introduction course introduces Seniors to the fundamental terms, concepts, and skills needed to be confident PC users. From there, Seniors can choose additional courses from any of our four curriculum tracks: Word Processing, Image Processing, The Internet, and Computer Software Maintenance.


If you're considering a computer, please see Is the Computer for Me?